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When I called Power Tax Relief, it was a strong arm sale from the very beginning. I guy named Joseph Spinelli or something gave me the run down. What I owe, how much I make, my assets etc. Next question was " Would you like to write a check by phone or use a credit card? That will be $7,500".

Under what circumstance would somebody hand over that amount of hard earned money after a 10 minute conversation. Well not me. I kinda laughed, and asked if that is normal protocol. He exclaimed that because they are such a big company and spend a million dollars in advertising every month, I should have a blind faith in them.

Needless to say I did not hand over the money.

A month later, after networking with a few friends. I was pointed to the website settlewiththeirs. info , 877 - 517 -0067 . My experience with them has been as smooth as one could expect from a professional company. Ive had a great experience with a man named Owen. Helpful from Start to finish. They performed a tax investigation before quoting me on what they could do. This only made sense to me because if I don't have a clue what my situation is with the IRS, then how could I expect this company to know what they could do for me and require an upfront exorbitant amount of money to find out where I stand? Last but not least, I saved a lot more than what Power Tax Relief was going to require upfront.

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